Eight immigration officers promoted

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EIGHT officers from the Immigration and National Registration Department received their promotions yesterday in a ceremony held at the department’s headquarters.

Four senior immigration officers were promoted to chief immigration officers and four immigration officers were promoted up to senior immigration officers.

Present to attach the rank insignias on the officers’ shoulders was Acting Director of Immigration and National Registration Azmi Hj Hafneh.

Acting Chief National Registration Office Awang Ahmad Hj Salleh recited the Surah Al-Fatihah and Doa Selamat.

Also present were the acting director of national registration, senior officers and staffs of the department.

Among the objectives of the Immigration and National Registration Department is to ensure the security of the country’s control posts and regulate people entering and exiting these posts.

The department also provides immigration-related services to the public, including the issuance of identity cards and travel documents, work permit and visa approval, birth and death registrations, permanent residency and citizenship.

The Brunei Times