UBD clubs promote activities to freshers

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UNIVERSITI Brunei Darussalam yesterday set up exhibition booths to promote extracurricular activities (ECA) among new students.

More than 30 clubs showcased what they can offer to students in an exhibition organised by UBD’s Students Representative Council.

Nur Wajihah Mohd Drus, a council member, said the clubs range from sports, culture and arts, religious and spiritual activities to leadership programmes as well as community services.

“It’s a great way to expose students, particularly the new intake to the diverse choices of clubs and their movement, available on the campus,” said the Masters in Management student.

Associate Professor Dr Ayub Sadiq @ Lin Naing, assistant UBD vice-chancellor, said he hopes UBD freshers will be able to explore their interests and passion through extracurricular activities.

In a brief interview, the assistant vice-chancellor said the university is adopting a holistic approach to learning and hopes participating in ECA would improve students’ social skills and guide them throughout their academic year.

“With ECA, it’s good to have something outside the classroom. We encourage these students not to just produce ordinary graduates but to ensure the holistic development of students,” he said.

He said students are able to develop socially and culturally while maintaining a healthy balance between their academics and ECA.

“We really hope freshers will come and go around and explore, I myself find it very interesting. I mean even though I have been working here for quite some time, I find the booths today showing so much potential and to very interesting,” he said.

The three-day event was held from 8am to 4pm. Students were also entertained with traditional performances by representatives from various clubs such as the traditional music showcase by Gulingtangan Club members and syair performances.

Another side activity was a competition among the clubs based on their booths, where they will be judged on liveliness, creativity and attractiveness.

The Brunei Times