New youth programme at Outward Bound

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THE Outward Bound Brunei Darussalam (OBBD) has introduced a new youth programme for adventure seekers and those looking for a challenge in the wilderness.

In a statement, the Outward Bound said some of the activities included in the programme are kayaking, abseiling, flying fox, team building, rock climbing, and jungle trekking.

The newly-introduced youth programme targets young people aged 13 to 35 and designed based on the three themes of the programme.

The programme is divided into three categories, Youth Exposure Course - Self Confidence, Basic Discovery Course - Youth Potential and Basic Discovery Course - You Are Leader.

A maximum of 16 participants are allowed at one time.

According to the press release, the programme courses will be more focused on participants’ development, apart from testing their physical and mental capabilities, on-the-spot decision making, communication skills, fostering friendship, and self-discipline.

The OBBD hoped the introduction of the programmes would produce highly motivated, patriotic and positive youth who will contribute to achieving the country’s Vision 2035.

Interested members of the public can contact the OBBD office for more information at Flat B9, Unit No 4, Second Floor, Anggerek Desa Flat, Simpang 32-66, Berakas.

The Brunei Times