Lactating mothers advised to wear nursing bra

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THE owner of a lingerie store has expressed concern over the improper use of underwire bras, urging breastfeeding mothers to opt for supportive nursing bras.

Speaking on the sidelines of a recent breastfeeding forum, Lili Yong Goh of Lilli Lingerie stressed that most underwire bras are unsuitable for lactating mothers as “they can pinch into the milk ducts” and cause blocked ducts.

She said medical studies have shown that restrictive garments, such as some underwire bras, can limit milk flow and result in breast infection known as mastitis.

“A lot of the time, women are not wearing the right bra or even a nursing bra. What happens is that when you are nursing, your breasts are obviously engorged. If you are wearing the wrong kind of underwire bras, that’s only going to make it worse,” she said.

Goh strongly advised breastfeeding mothers to replace their ill-fitting underwire bras in favour of nursing bras that can provide unparallel support and comfort.

However, she pointed out that not all nursing bras were created equal. Quality nursing bras typically give additional support and comfort for lactating mothers. Their designs also feature fuller cups, comfortable fabrics, wider straps, broader band and pockets to hold the breast pad.

“It is easy to open and close the shoulder clasp, and the drop-down cup is especially designed for breastfeeding to facilitate mother-baby bonding,” said Goh.

Although the price for quality nursing bras is higher, she believed it is worth the investment as nursing bras can accommodate up to two different cup sizes. Due to its durability, mothers often wear their nursing bras long after they stop breastfeeding.

“For bras, you get what you pay for. With the cheap range, I have to stress there is no comfort, no support and they don’t last. I would urge mothers to invest in quality nursing bras,” she said.

Goh introduced quality nursing bras, including the Bravado range, at her store during her first pregnancy in 2010. She shared the brand, which is priced from $79 to $99, quickly gained popularity among mothers and was a “resounding success” in Brunei.

“We have clients who actually tried out five different brands of nursing bras and they say the Bravado is truly the best,” she commented.

Despite her call for mothers to wear nursing bras, Goh said they can still use suitable underwire bras that are designed for breastfeeding. She recommended underwire bras with softer material and a proper fit to avoid problems such as mastitis.

The Brunei Times