Appreciate facilities, stop vandalising parks: JASTRe

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VANDALISM at recreational areas are on the rise and authorities are urging the public to be more appreciative of what the government has given.

Head of JASTRe’s Environmental Planning and Management Division, Martinah Hj Tamit, said one of the concerns the department is facing are facilities being vandalised at these areas, including public toilets, shelters (pondok), and plant boxes (areas for planting trees and shrubs).

“Some people wreck and demolish these facilities, and it is irresponsible of them to do so because these facilities are provided by the government,’’ she told The Brunei Times.

Martinah said when these facilities are vandalised, the department has to go through a process to get financing from the government and get them fixed or replaced.

“People have to know how much the government is spending and appreciate these facilities because it is for their leisure and benefit,’’ she said.

The department head said these facilities are in place for families and the public to enjoy for leisure, as well as for exercise.

“People definitely need these areas for jogging or walking together and it is important to have them because Brunei is a family oriented society,’’ she said.

Martinah was referring to recreational areas such as Pantai Muara, among others.

“Pantai Muara is very beautiful, but a lot of vandalism is happening there,’’ she said.

She added some even resort to stealing the water taps on the toilets, as well as public rubbish bins located within the recreational area.

“Indiscriminate dumping of waste within the area is another thing we want to remind the public to avoid doing. This becomes a public eye-sore and they will not be able to enjoy the view of the beach and area,’’ she said.

The Brunei Times