Malaysian public relations officers drop by NDMC

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THE National Disaster Management Centre (NDMC) yesterday received five public relations officers from Malaysia at its building in Jalan Landasan Lama, Berakas.

The visit was part of the public relations officers’ exchange programme.

It hopes to share information with the delegation on how the centre handles disasters and how it disseminates information to the public.

Upon arrival, the delegation – comprising acting directors and officers under public relation department under Malaysia’s Information Department, Ministry of Youth and Sport and Ministry of Communications and Multimedia – was greeted by the director of NDMC, Col (Rtd) Pg Dato Paduka Hj Rosli Pg Hj Chuchu.

This was followed by a presentation delivered by Special Officer Syazwan Nordin.

Syazwan explained the various roles of the NDMC and its Standard Operational Procedure (SOP).

He explained that one of the roles of the NDMC is to disseminate information to every focal point such as uniformed personnel, the Community Development Department (JAPEM), the Meteorological department and so on.

The event also saw the Malaysians share information on how their government handles disasters such as the recent MH370 incident.

Prior to their visit at NDMC, the delegation stopped by Radio Televisyen Brunei in the capital.

The exchange programme is a joint venture held between the information departments of Brunei and Malaysia since December 2010.

The Brunei Times