Wristbands for Haj pilgrims

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ALL Haj pilgrims will be given wristbands that they are required to carry at all times for identification.

Acting Director of Haj Management Department Ustaz Hj Abdullah Hj Mohammad said the pilgrims must wear the wristband when performing the Haj as it contains their personal details.

“The wristband will be used for Saudi Arabia officials to identify people should any incidents happen to the pilgrims,” he told 400 Haj pilgrims during a health briefing yesterday.

A press statement issued by the Ministry of Religious Affairs said the acting director suggested participants to seek advice from officers on health preparations prior to their departure.

“Haj pilgrims should be aware of the change of situations and the differences in climate as well as environment between Brunei and the Middle East,” he said at the Ministry of Health yesterday.

Ustaz Hj Abdullah highlighted the importance of early preparations and familiarise themselves on the long journey during the pilgrimage, including the travel distance between Arafat to Mina, about four kilometers by foot.

With the hot weather, pilgrims must have the mental and physical strength to endure, he said, advising them to carry out their ibadah (act of worship) frequently in easing their journey.

The Brunei Times