Roadmap for digital broadcasting

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SOUTHEAST Asian senior officials gathered in Brunei for the first working group meeting to discuss the transition from analogue to digital broadcasting.

Permanent Secretary at the Prime Minister’s Office Hj Mohd Rozan Dato Hj Mohd Yunos, who is representing Brunei at the meeting, said the ASEAN Digital Broadcasting Working Group is responsible for the recommendation and implementation of digital broadcasting measures and initiatives.

The working group will focus on the latest development of digital broadcasting initiatives, regulations and standards, he said during the meeting at Kiulap Plaza Hotel.

“The availability of multiple platforms should be regularly utilised to inform the public and to bridge gaps in developmental efforts, as well as to bring them together in the establishment of a strong ASEAN community,” he said.

He said new the media, which includes smartphones, smart TV, Internet and various media applications, have created some concerns for broadcasters to re-strategise with authorities and dialogue partners.

The development of multi-delivery platforms has impacted considerably on the distribution of content and information for members of the working group to discuss, the senior official added.

The ASEAN Digital Broadcasting Working Group was one of the three new mechanisms established under the Senior Officials Meeting Responsible for Information.

Since the ASEAN Digital Broadcasting cooperation initiative started in 2003, every ASEAN member state has established concrete digitalisation roadmap and target switching off analogue broadcasting within the years 2015 to 2020.

“This year and the next five years ahead are definitely a very challenging time for us to ensure our goal to fully migrate to digital terrestrial television broadcasting. I am pleased to note that in this meeting, every ASEAN member state will continually update each other on respective digital switchover, analogue switch-off plan,” he said.

“Such strategy will encourage our people to embrace fully the digitalisation efforts and enjoy its benefits as well as positively impacting the quality of life and progress of the society,” he continued.

Hj Muhammad Suffian Hj Bungsi, director of RTB, was present at the meeting as chairman of the organising committee.

The Brunei Times