Fined for possessing cartons of cigarettes

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A WOMAN was imposed a $3,600 fine yesterday after she pleaded guilty to possession of untaxed cigarettes.

The court document stated that the defendant Nur Istiqamah Puteh, 26, was found in possession of 10 cartons and 17 packets of various brands of cigarettes when customs preventive officers conducted an inspection at her house in Perpindahan Lambak Kanan on June 9.

During investigation, the defendant admitted that the cigarettes belonged to her and she had obtained it from a friend known as “Abang” for a price between $13 and $15 per carton.

During the proceedings yesterday at the Magistrates’ Court, Nur Istiqamah told the court that the cigarettes were for her own consumption and some of it was for her friends.

The court subsequently ordered for the contrabands to be forfeited to the state, while Nur Istiqamah was released on court bail.

The Brunei Times