RBPF hits jackpot in gambling den raid

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A HOUSE in Kg Sungai Hanching suspected to be a gambling den was raided by police officials early Sunday morning.

According to the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF), the raid was led by the Criminal Investigations Department consisting of Anti-Vice personnel, assisted by House break-in and Car Theft unit, and CID personnel of the Tutong Police District. A total of 20 people were arrested during the operation that lasted five hours. Out of those arrested, six were locals, four permanent residents and 10 were foreign nationals.

During the operation, gambling paraphernalia relating to the game of ‘paikau’ was found at the scene.

Accumulated cash amounting to $13,350 believed to be used for gambling was also seized as exhibits. All the detainees are currently investigated under section 6(2) of the Common Gaming House Act, Chapter 28, where the maximum penalty for anyone found in or found escaping a common gaming house is a fine of $10,000 and imprisonment for six months. Additionally, the house owner where the gambling took place would also be investigated under section 4(a) of the Common Gaming House Act, where the maximum penalty is a fine of $20,000 and imprisonment for 12 months.

In a separate incident, Anti-Vice personnel apprehended a foreign lady believed to be assisting in the collection of ‘4D’ lottery number on July 28 at Kg Ban 6, Mukim Kilanas. The police also managed to detain 23 people believed to be buying ‘4D’ lottery. All detainees were brought back in for questioning and further investigations.

The public is always urged to provide information regarding any illegal activities to the nearest police station and is advised to refrain from any gambling activities.

The Brunei Times