Pusat Bahagia to make students more job-ready

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THE Pusat Bahagia, Community Development Department (JAPEM) is constantly equipping their students with social skills and ‘hands-on’ work experience in order to match potential employers’ expectations, said acting principal of Pusat Bahagia yesterday.

In an interview with The Brunei Times at their centre in Kg Pulaie, Hjh Raimah Hj Mohammad said programmes such as landscape gardening, carpentry, tailoring and cooking courses offered at the Pusat Bahagia will prepare students at the centre to be job-ready and increase their employability.

“The idea here is to create as much opportunities as we can for our students to be prepared to enter the job market by equipping them with enough knowledge and skills while also equipping them with industry-specific capabilities,” said the acting principal.

“Children with special needs may need different learning approaches and perhaps a longer runway to be ready for independent employment but with support from their families, teachers and the community, they can live meaningful lives and be contributing members of society,” added Hjh Raimah.

The acting principal of Pusat Bahagia also noted that several former students had been offered jobs in hospitality services, landscape operations, food and beverage services and retail operations.

She added that Pusat Bahagia is also producing quality products on the side, to earn extra income for their social enterprise programme.

According to the acting principal, one of the more popular social enterprises by the centre is their 3D cards launched in 2000.

“The students here make holiday cards, depending on the season. Last year we made quite a few Chinese New Year cards and Hari Raya cards, which we managed to sell over 3000 copies,” she revealed.

This year, Pusat Bahagia successfully sold out 2000 of their 3D cards to commemorate the month of Ramadhan and Hari Raya Aidil Fitri.

She said the cards were sold at $1.20 and $1.30 each depending on the designs and motifs.

The profit from the sales will be shared between the students involved, as well as the centre to fund its activities.

“What makes it interesting is that it not only sharpen their social skills and entrepreneurship skills but it enables the students to use their creativity and imagination in the designs,” she said.

The Brunei Times