Best students namedat orientation week

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SITI Noor Faziera Raya and Mohammed Khairul Mu’az Hj Sibodaud were named the best students at the Seri Begawan Religious Teachers University College’s (KUPU SB) orientation this year.

The two were selected from 134 new students who completed their orientation programme for the 2015/2016 academic session.

The duo received their certificates from Acting Deputy Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Religious Affairs Hj Johar Hj Muhammad, who was present on behalf of the ministry’s permanent secretary, Dato Seri Setia Hj Abdul Aziz OKML Hj Md Yussof, at yesterday’s closing ceremony for the ninth intake orientation.

Mohammed Khairul Mu’az, who will be studying Bachelor of Religious Teaching (Usuluddin), said the activities organised throughout the orientation week helped build their qualities as teachers and strengthened their akhlak (morals).

Siti Noor Faziera will be studying Religious Teaching Higher Diploma in Syariah.

The courses on offer at KUPU SB include Bachelor of Religious Teaching, Religious Teaching Higher Diploma and Religious Teaching Diploma, either in Syariah or Usuluddin.

The institution also offers master’s degree in Religious Teachings and PhD programmes.

Mohammed Khairul Mu’az said the activities organised also strengthened participants’ sense of teamwork and cooperation.

The tazkirah (talks that acts as a reminder) sessions by KUPU SB lecturers strengthened our rohani (spirituality), he said.

“We are determined, and equipped with the right intentions. We will continuously improve ourselves for the development of religion, nation and country. InsyaAllah, we promise to practise what we learn here in the dissemination of Islamic teachings,” he added.

He also spoke of the need for students to equip themselves with multimedia and technological knowledge.

“With KUPU SB’s multimedia and technology facilities, it inspired me to be more knowledgeable in these two fields so that I will be able to teach using traditional and contemporary methods. InsyaAllah, it can be used to propagate Islamic teachings effectively,” he said.

The Brunei Times