All KUPU SB members join six-day Syawal fasting

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All the members of Seri Begawan Religious Teachers University College (KUPU SB) have decided to join the six-day fasting in Syawal programme initiated by the institution.

Organised for the second time since its inception last year, Dean of Students Dr Hj Hambali Hj Jaili said around 800 members of the university college have decided to take part in the programme, instead of just those living in the university college.

When the programme was first held, it only included around 250 students living in KUPU SB’s Residential college.

The decision to expand the programme was based on the response received last year where the students wanted to make it an annual event of KUPU SB, he said.

“Fasting together with all the members of the institution also encouraged them to perform more sunnah of Prophet Muhammad SAW and when we perform it together, it becomes lighter and more enjoyable,” he said.

“With everyone joining the programme, all the feasts at KUPU SB will be postponed and meal timings for students living in the residential college will also be changed. Sungkai will be served instead of lunch and sahur will replace dinner,” he added.

“Perhaps in the long run, we could also extend this to other higher education institutions if they are interested and we can decide the same date and time to perform the sunnah,” he said.

“And perhaps we can also extend this to family members of KUPU SB students and staff and hopefully they will extend their support to this initiative,” he added.

Additionally participating students and staff of KUPU SB will began fasting from August 3 to August 8.

They will mark the end of programme with a Khatam Al-Quran ceremony and a sungkai get-together.

Introduced last year, the programme is aimed at encouraging participating members of KUPU SB to perform more sunnah besides performing obligatory duties.

It is also aimed at fostering closer relationship among members of the university college and to spread the awareness of developing dakwah (propagation) activities especially by appreciating the coming of Syawal where the six days sunnah fasting can be observed.

KUPU SB’s Raes Ustazah Dr Hjh Masnon Hj Ibrahim in her speech said that performing the six days of fasting in Syawal is complementary to the fasting of Ramadhan due to the rewards and benefits promised by Allah SWT to those who observe it.

“It is also a challenge to Muslims to stop treating Syawal as a month to merely celebrate our successes for fasting in Ramadhan with festivities consisting food and drinks, but also to heed the call of Allah SWT to continue our act of worship and be consistent with it,” said the KUPU SB Raes.

The launching ceremony yesterday began with the recital of Asma al Husna (The names of Allah SWT and Surah Al-Fatihah, followed by speeches from Dr Hj Hambali and the Raes of KUPU SB as the guest of honour.

A tazkirah (sharing session) was also delivered by Ustaz Hj Matussein Hj Jumat, Religious Officer from the Syariah Faculty, explaining to students the benefits of six days fasting in Syawal.

The event concluded with a doa selamat.

The Brunei Times