Chung Ching Middle School struck by lightning, roof cracks

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CHUNG Ching Middle School's secondary section in Seria was damaged last weekend by lightning and thunderstorms, leaving cracks on the main building's exterior.

According to the school's principal Dr Ang Sik Liong, lightning from the thunderstorm struck the school several times around 8am last Saturday hit the school at 8am last Saturday.

Staff and students inside the school reported of hearing loud noises above them prompting administrators to initiate safety procedures starting with cutting off of electricity to half the school.

“It was not safe for teachers or students to exit the building to see what damage the noise was causing,” said Dr Ang.

After the rain subsided, staff inspected the building’s exterior and found of the building, finding small cracks at several spots around the ceiling, and chips of cement on the floor.

“Within 30 minutes, we called the school management committee, including the board of directors, to see what measures need to be taken to not only fix the cracks, but safeguard the building in the future by adding insulation,” said the principal.

Dr Ang informed that the school has contacted contractors to assess the damages.

“We are looking at installing a lightning surge conductor, which would protect the structure in the event of a lightning strike,” he said.

The principal added that a third party would also review the existing earthing structure and look into the steel bar or rods used (rebar) to reinforce concrete.

The Brunei Times