Burgled home in KB under police investigation

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THE Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) is currently investigating a burglary at a government flat in Jln Panglima, Kuala Belait, believed to have taken place over last weekend.

The police in a statement yesterday informed that the tenant had made a report to the Kuala Belait police station after returning to her flat on Monday, having stayed in Brunei-Muara the day prior.

The stolen items, valued at $3,950, include a 42-inch television, a MacBook Pro and a watch. Based off ongoing investigations, police believe that the suspect gained entry into the flat through the kitchen window, before exiting through the front door.

The alleged victim, a civil servant, told The Brunei Times on Wednesday that she and her husband left the flat for a night to visit their relatives in Tutong and Brunei-Muara.

“We left on Sunday, and returned to Kuala Belait about 5.30pm on Monday, when we realised that our front door was unlocked,” she said.

Her husband then realised that their large television had gone missing in their living room, and rushed to check their other room for any lost belongings.

“My laptop, kept in my room, was stolen, as well as my DSLR camera in our other multi-purpose room. Our packed duit raya (green packets) to be given to relatives were gone too,” she added.

The couple, who moved into the flat in March, expressed concerns about the safety of their accomodation, noting that their block is sparsely occupied, with poor lighting at night.

“We do worry quite a bit now, since the area seems at risk for crime,” said the couple.

As precaution, the couple have installed extra locks, in addition to making sure the kitchen door is locked from the inside as well, to prevent thieves from accessing other rooms.

“The theft has put a damper on our Hari Raya celebrations, as we are now very cautious about leaving the house unattended to for long periods of time, especially at night,” she said.

“But we have taken extra safety precautions, trust the police and pray to Allah for his protection to prevent any thefts from happening again.”

The Brunei Times