Public libraries still relevant: DBP

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LIBRARIES under the Language and Literature Bureau (DBP) receive approximately 1,500 new members annually, said a DBP staff member yesterday.

Library Officer Hjh Noreidah Hj Ibrahim told The Brunei Times that members of the public, particularly students, are still actively visiting the nine DBP libraries located across Brunei.

Hjh Noreidah shared that as with other libraries worldwide, it is a challenge to get people to come to the libraries with recent developments in technology.

She however said that people in Brunei, especially students familiar with the facilities offered at DBP libraries, will still come in to make use of them frequently.

According to her, the DBP library in the capital is busiest on Fridays and Sundays.

She said that the library receives close to a hundred people on each of these days.

Most of the library visitors are often younger, with some even coming to the library with their parents, she said.

Students and young adults enjoy borrowing novels in Malay or English from the library, Hjh Noreidah added.

She went on to say that the library’s ‘Bruneiana’ collection (comprising materials related to Brunei) is the most popular among visitors – particularly students of higher education institutions and researchers.

The library also has a Southeast Asia or ASEAN collection, as well as an ‘American Shelf’ – a recent addition featuring various books and magazines related to the United States.

Hjh Noreidah added that there are also “seasons” when the DBP library in the capital gets notably busier, which is during the examinations period.

This is the time students visit the library to make use of past year papers for public examinations such as the GCE O-levels and Primary School Assessment (PSR). They can also borrow the papers home, she said.

Hjh Noreidah reminded and encouraged members of the public who are unaware of the DBP libraries’ facilities to visit and make use of them.

Any individual library member can take out five books at a time for up to two weeks.

Interested organisations or government departments can opt to do a “bulk loan” where they can borrow up to 100 books for one month, she said.

The Brunei Times