Man fined $1,500 for hurting wife

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A LOCAL man has been fined $1,500 by the Magistrate’s Court for punching and kicking his wife after an argument outside their Lumut home.

The court said that the defendant, Abdul Halim Jahari, would not be given a custodial sentence because “there was a lack of premeditation and a greater degree of provocation than was normally expected”.

During sentencing yesterday, Magistrate Hjh Noor Amalina Dato Paduka Hj Alaihuddin said it appeared to be an isolated incident and the injuries sustained by the defendant’s wife were “relatively minor”.

The 30-year-old defendant said he did not mean to hit his wife and expressed remorse for his actions.

Court documents state that the assault took place on February 8, when Abdul Halim was arguing with his wife as she was trying to move some of her belongings to her brother’s house.

The defendant blocked his wife from taking her belongings and she started yelling at him, which resulted in him punching her in the face and kicking her on the buttocks.

The woman then ran to her brother’s house next door, and subsequently filed a police report. Upon questioning, her husband later admitted to police that he had committed the assault.

“The court does not take such offences towards victims of domestic violence lightly and encourages the complainant to file a police report immediately should any form of physical abuse reoccur,” said the magistrate.

“The court genuinely hopes the defendant will reform his behaviour and he is reminded that any form of violence or abuse, whether it be psychological, physical or emotional is unacceptable.”

If the defendant fails to pay the fine, he will serve a default sentence of three months’ imprisonment.

The case was prosecuted by Deputy Public Prosecutor Sharon Yeo.

The Brunei Times