Kuala Belait home burgled during Hari Raya

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A GOVERNMENT flat was allegedly burgled in Kuala Belait last weekend, with a tenant reporting stolen electronic items and cash.

The civil servant who suffered the losses told The Brunei Times yesterday that the incident took place between Sunday and Monday, after she left the flat with her husband to visit their relatives in Tutong and Brunei-Muara.

“On Sunday afternoon we went down to Tutong to visit relatives for Hari Raya Aidilfitri, and stayed in Bandar that night,” she said.

When the couple returned to their flat in Kuala Belait on Monday around 5.30pm, they found their front door unlocked, and rushed inside to see if any items had been stolen.

“Our 42-inch television, laptop, DSLR camera, watches, portable internet devices and some money were stolen,” said her husband.

The couple then called the police, and visited the Kuala Belait Police Station soon after to make a report.

“They most likely gained entry from the kitchen, as two window awnings, which are rusty, had been detached and the mosquito netting installed behind it slashed. All other doors in the house were locked,” he said.

The husband also pointed out that the veranda located outside the kitchen could be easily accessed using a ladder, rope or a vehicle.

“Although we are on the first floor, it is quite low, and not too far from the ground. They could have easily come onto the veranda by parking their car directly outside and climbing on top,” added the husband.

Aside from the two window awnings, no other damage to furniture or the flat were reported. The couple informed that other newly bought kitchen appliances, including a blender and microwave were not stolen.

The wife also claimed that her neighbour saw a car roaming about beneath their flat in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, a day after the theft took place.

“There were two men in the car according to my neighbour, one of strong build, one slightly older, wearing some kind of gloves,” she said.

Her husband added that they have taken extra security measures since, installing additional locks on the doors. However the couple felt that the flat's windows are still suspected of lacking in sturdiness.

“Because we are in a flat, installing a grill outside the windows is not really an option, as the fire and rescue department regard it as unsafe to have a grill in the event of a fire,” he said.

“A suggestion to the authorities is to have a private security post or one patrolling the area, as these flats are not fully occupied, and it can be very quiet at night.”

The Brunei Times