Book sales to be part of mobile library services

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THE Language and Literature Bureau (DBP) will be selling Malay language and Jawi books at through its mobile library in the Brunei-Muara district as it continued to experience a high demand. 

DBP Director Hjh Aminah Hj Momin said to foster a healthy reading habit amongst youths especially students in primary schools, the mobile library will be selling books as an addition to its service.

“This is a new thing that DBP will be introducing to our young readers. We want to extend out service and not only we will borrow them the books but we now are going to sell books from DBP to the students,” said Hjh Aminah.

 “We have been receiving positive feedback from our young readers especially now that we have more choices of books and even past papers to be borrowed though the mobile libraries,” noting that DBP now has over 40 primary schools requesting for their service since its launch in March 2011.

“To foster a love for reading we try to encourage students to be active in borrowing books from DBP libraries and we do this my making it easier and accessible for students to borrow books.

“Instead of reaching out for the books, we reach out to them,” said the DBP director.

The addition to the mobile library service is aimed at cultivating a reading habit among society, enlivening the institutions of libraries, to promote life-long learning and to help realise Vision 2035 which is to produce a knowledgeable, informed, and competitive Bruneian society.

The director said the mobile library service is in high demand however the bureau is currently unable to entertain the requests as there are not enough buses to visit schools in the Brunei-Muara district, let alone across all four districts.

Higher learning institutions and rehabilitation centres have also expressed interest, Hjh Aminah revealed. 

“We try to cater to them as well, perhaps in the near future we will be adding a few more mobile library, InsyaAllah,” said the director.

The Brunei Times