PERTIWI Belait raises $50,000 from charity sales

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PERTIWI Belait managed to raise $50,000 from their month-long charity sale held at the Seria District Office Hall during Ramadhan this year.

The total generated represents PERTIWI's highest gross sales from their annual charity sale to date, which has been held for 30 consecutive years since the association’s inception.

Chairperson of PERTIWI Belait Fatimah Tanji attributed the strong response from the public to the established popularity of their annual sale and a further refinement of their pastry products to suit contemporary tastes.

“In Belait, we have held our annual sale at the same location during Ramadhan so many years already, to the point where it has become a tradition which the Belait public are well aware of,” she said.

Thirty-two PERTIWI members manned the tables over the course of the month from 10am to 10pm, selling over a 100 types of biscuits, cakes, sweets, clothes and flowers.

“For pastries we do offer traditional fare such as dodol and kek lapis, but at the same time we try to keep up with the latest pastries the public are consuming by introducing new products or refine the existing ones with new ingredients,” she said.

The chairperson also said that as standard practice by PERTIWI, 10 per cent of all gross sales would be donated to the Orphanage Fund and the Welfare Fund overseen by the Belait District Office.

“The sale is definitely a highlight on our annual calendar as it gives our members an outlet make additional income during the month of Ramadhan, while also contributing to a charitable cause,” she said.

“Currently we are still in the process of calculating the exact total amount as the stalls are operated individually by our members.”

Proceeds from last year's sales allowed PERTIWI to donate a total of $3,649 to the Belait District Office's Welfare and Orphanage funds this year.

The Brunei Times