UBD: Meet course credit or face another year of study

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NEW Universiti Brunei Darussalam students were urged to understand their courses’ modular credit requirements as final year students who failed to meet the prerequisites had to repeat another year of study before they can graduate.

Deputy Dean (Academic) of UBD’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) Dr Hjh Asiyah Az-Zahra Hj Ahmad Kumpoh said GenNext students must be familiar with their courses’ credit requirements to avoid disappointments.

“It is crucial for them to know (the requirements) right from the beginning and with (adequate information) in their hands, they can plan their semesters wisely,” she told reporters earlier this week.

She further said there had been instances where some final year students were not able to graduate as they failed to fulfil the university’s modular credit requirements.

“For our faculty, our strategy is to have a briefing for third year students who are entering their final year. This is to prevent such problems from happening and ensure they have taken the necessary modules in order to graduate,” said the deputy dean.

Students are expected to be aware and well informed of any information made within the faculty as well as the university.

“The faculty will make sure students are familiar with the graduation requirements because it is very frustrating if they are not able to understand it. By really understanding it, they will be able to complete their studies within the four-year candidature,” she added.

The university will welcome new students with the Freshers’ Week to take place next week.

Meanwhile, Dean of Faculty of Science Dr Rahayu Sukmaria Hj Sukri encouraged students to be skilled in research.

She said a handful of students volunteered to be research assistants at their respective faculties while waiting for graduation.

“Not only do they learn in the classrooms but doing work like this can also help enhance their research skills and gives them exposure to the outside world, particularly when visiting (research) sites,” she added.

The Faculty of Science is expected to receive about 200 new students for the August 2015 intake, while FASS will receive over 400 students.

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