Motorists fill tanks early to avoid queues

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BRUNEIANS have seemingly made better preparations to fill up their car tanks early this year, in anticipation of most fuel stations being closed throughout the country on the first day of Hari Raya Aidil Fitri.

When The Brunei Times visited the fuel station at Lambak Kanan yesterday around 3pm, the fuel station had a steady stream of customers coming in, although there were no long queues that were out of the ordinary.

A supervisor at the fuel station (who wished to remain unnamed) said the station had been busy since Thursday morning – the day that the sighting of the new moon of Syawal was held.

Likewise, the Lambak Kanan fuel station had been busy since 7am yesterday, he said.

“The two days before the start of Raya is always busy as most people seem to have learnt to anticipate that most fuel stations would be closed on the first day of Raya,” the supervisor added.

He also pointed out that people were more active in looking into local papers or accessing social media for information on which stations would be open or closed during the first three days of Raya.

In previous years, fuel stations which were open on the first day of Raya - including the Lambak Kanan station - were also well visited, the supervisor also said.

“There are many Bruneians who want to refuel their cars by late afternoon on the first day of Raya, after a whole morning of visiting houses and being on the road in between,” he explained.

Hasanudeen, an attendant at the Gadong Filling Station, also agreed that more Bruneians were aware these days about limited fuel station operating hours during Hari Raya.

According to him, the Gadong station was usually not busy on Friday mornings, but the station had started receiving customers continuously since 8am yesterday.

“I suppose people are expecting that the filling stations would be very busy at night, as people get ready the night before Hari Raya,” he said. At press time, Hasanudeen said that the fuel station was expecting to extend its operating hours at night, as it has usually done on the eve of Hari Raya in previous years.

Similar sentiments were shared by TAIB Delima Fuel Station supervisor Sham, who also said that the eve of Hari Raya was always busy.

Yet, he also agreed that Hari Raya Eve queues at fuel stations were much better these days, compared to previous years.

Fuel stations open in the Brunei-Muara district today are the Berakas Service and Filling Station at Jln Pasir Berakas (10am to 8pm), IBA Petrol Station and Trading at Lambak Kanan (12pm to 12am), and Syarikat Amanah Hj Abdullah at Kg Kilanas (12pm to 12am).

Seven other stations are also open across the Tutong, Belait and Temburong districts.

The Brunei Times