Police highlight road safety during Hari Raya celebrations

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THE Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) has said it will intensify traffic operations and patrols this coming festive season to ensure road users comply with safety regulations.

With Hari Raya Aidil Fitri just around the corner, RBPF’s Traffic Control and Investigation Department (JSKLL) has urged motorists to take extra precautions at a time when road fatalities and accidents peak.

Speaking during a press conference yesterday, Senior Inspector Md Baharin Shah Hj Abu Bakar reminded drivers to keep under the speed limit and refrain from using mobile phones while driving.

He added that drivers and passengers should wear seat belts at all times.

“Motorists should also ensure their vehicles are safe to drive, and keep a safe distance from cars in front of you… Always ensure the side and rearview mirrors are clear and in good condition.”

S/Insp Md Baharin also urged road users not to drive when they are sleepy or tired and to plan travel routes well ahead of time.

Menawhile, with Hari Raya festivities set to begin on Saturday, motorists in Belait and Tutong were reminded of road safety measures yesterday through the distribution of informative Compact Discs (CDs).

The CDs, containing animated video clips featuring the most common road offences, were distributed in front of the Belait Headquarters of the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) in Panaga, as well as outside the Tutong Police Station.

According to the National Road Safety Council, refraining from use of mobile phones while driving, keeping distance between the vehicles, adhering to speed limits and always being mindful of pedestrians are some of the most important steps necessary to mitigate against accidents and injuries.

The council in a statement added that violations of these steps have a proven connection to accidents across the sultanate.

RBPF Acting Commanding Officer of Belait District Supt Mohd Hadini Hj Othman lead the distribution of CDs to road users under his district, while in Tutong, Acting Officer in Charge Senior Inspector Shamsulnahar Hj Idris was joined by Tutong District Officer Wardi Hj Mohd Ali in handing out the discs.

The animated clips contained on the disc titled “Be Careful on the Road” portray two school children named “Safe” and “Salmi” informing of road offences that the public should refrain from.

The Brunei Times