Ramadhan stalls inspected to ensure food safety

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THE Enforcement section of the Belait District Office yesterday inspected Ramadhan stalls in Muking Liang to ensure food safety standards were being met.

The joint operation paid close attention to the use of Styrofoam containers, made from polystyrene, which can partially break down and be potentially hazardous to health if very hot food or liquid is placed within.

The operation also warned sellers about reusing plastic water bottles to sell sweet drinks, and checked receipts for meat to ensure their halal status.

Brunei's Halal Food Control Section and the Department of Health Services also participated in the operation.

The Belait District Office in a statement issued yesterday said that several vendors were also advised on better ways of keeping and preparing food, to ensure cleanliness and prevent any unwanted health risks to consumers.

The Brunei Times