Miri blaze under control

National 1 minute, 22 seconds


THE Miri-Baram highway was reopened yesterday at 6am after forest fires along the highway were brought under control.

The highway was closed on Friday evening after forest fires in Kuala Baram, Miri, gave rise to hazy conditions and poor visibility.

At 3.30pm yeterday, Miri Zone’s Fire Chief Senior Superintendent Law Poh Kiong told The Brunei Times that a majority of the forest fires had stopped.

Senior Superintendent Law confirmed that there had been one reported accident on Friday, involving a Brunei registered Toyota Camry. No injuries were recorded.

Friday’s fires spread across 200 acres of land, two kilometres before the traffic light junction to the ASEAN bridge and one kilometre from the traffic lights to Jln Kuala Baram Lama.

Up to 100 people, including Fire and Rescue personnel and landowners, worked together to bring the situation under control.

A helicopter with fire fighting capabilities was also deployed.

“The Kuala Baram area is very sensitive for our (Miri Zone) operation as it is very close to our neighbours (Brunei). We did our best to prevent it from spreading across the border,” the fire chief said.

Miri Zone’s Fire and Rescue Department will continue to have personnel stationed round the clock at their temporary command post set up along the Miri-Baram highway.

Bruneians remain unperturbed by Friday’s fires, with a queue at least 2.5 kilometers long seen at 5pm leading up to the Sg Tujoh Immigration Control Post.

Yesterday’s Pollutant Standard Index, measured at 4pm, listed Belait as moderate, with a small increase of four points compared to yesterday’s reading.

Conditions in Tutong and Brunei-Muara improved from moderate to good.

The Brunei Times