Historical sites to get detailed signage

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THIRTY-SIX historical monuments and archaeological sites in Brunei will be given detailed signage to provide locals and tourists with information on the landmarks.

The signage will also highlight the sites’ significance to the history of Brunei.

The Museums Department will be installing the signs as part of its 50th anniversary celebrations this year. Details of the project will be released at a later date

The Director of Museum Department, Pg Dr Karim Pg Hj Osman, said that the department is striving to document all buildings of historical value in the country.

Out of the 36, 13 are historical buildings, 13 are royal tombs, four are historical sites and six are monuments.

“The department wants to ensure that items of national cultural heritage are sustained and preserved for future generations as a reference to the country’s past and to preserve Brunei’s glorious era,” he said.

In the Brunei Muara district, the Sultan Omar ‘Ali Saifuddien (SOAS) Mosque, Istana Darussalam and the Old Lapau Building are among the 29 monuments and sites to be given signages.

There are also three monuments in Tutong, two in Belait and two monuments in Temburong listed for the project.

“Cultural and history preservation is our main objective. Without it, the monuments and sites may be destroyed,” he said.

The monuments and sites are gazetted under the Antiquities and Treasure Trove Act 1967.

The act provides for the control and preservation of ancient and historical monuments, archaeological sites and remains and antiquities.

The first monuments gazetted by the Museum Department was the 120ha area in Kota Batu in 1967.

The remaining monuments and sites were gazetted over the last nine years.

In 2006, 27 historical sites and royal mausoleums were gazetted.

Three more monuments were gazetted in 2010, followed by five archaeological sites and monuments in 2011.

The Brunei Times