27 Kuala Belait families receive assistance

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IN THE spirit of Ramadhan, Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah (YSHHB) yesterday donated a total of $10,624 in the form of food and daily necessities to 27 families in Kuala Belait during its Ramadhan charity drive

Aimed to help with preparations for the month of Ramadhan and Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, recipients expressed their heartfelt gratitude for the donation received.

Siti Fatimah Abdullah Layang, a convert who is in her 80s, shared that it was heartwarming for her to receive the delegation from YSHHB as she is currently living alone in the house at Kg Mendaran Kecil, Labi, which was left by her late husband.

“My only two children passed away recently too and it’s only my grandchildren who come to visit me occasionally. So I get my daily necessities through fellow neighbours who buy for me or villagers who are kind enough to donate,” she said with her wrinkly smile.

Another recipient, Siti Fatimah Abdullah Ancap from Kg Rampayoh, Labi, said that it was her first time to receive such donation and it would make things easier for her and her family of four.

“I just recently paid about $400 to settle land tax since we’re staying on a Temporary Occupation Licence (TOL) land and currently waiting the process to change land ownership. $400 is a large amount of money for our family and the donation we received today will ease our things a little bit,” she said.

She said the land tax for TOL land owners should be waived off for underprivileged and destitute taking into their financial circumstances.

Meanwhile, Siti Hamidah Abdullah, formerly known as Amidah Anak Atat, said that although her family has been receiving such assistance every other year, she has acquired skills in tailoring and handcrafts.

On a lighter note, Mohammad Ardi Abdullah Elijah who lives on Jalan Labi Lama said that the assistance received will at least enliven his family’s Hari Raya celebration this year.

The Brunei Times