Kampung Sungai Besar to demolish riverside huts

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THE riverside huts at Kg Sungai Besar will be demolished this year due to safety reasons, said its village head.

Hj Chuchu Hj Ibrahim said public feedback on the matter suggested that the huts are being used as hotspots for smuggling of illegal substances and immoral activities.

“The dismantling of the huts and their bridges are preventive and precautionary measures by the authorities to make the village safe from dangerous activities,” he said in an interview recently.

Hj Chuchu was responding to frustrations expressed by some residents and fishermen from nearby villages that used the river huts for leisure and fishing activities.

Ibrahim Sarup, resident of Kg Sg Bunga which is just next to Kg Sg Besar, said with the initiative of the residents in that area the huts were revamped two months ago.

“We fixed the bridges leading to the five huts as well as painted them different colours to make it attractive,” said the resident.

“But, now it’s going to be destroyed. That’s just a waste of money.”

He said that the bridges do not lead to any village houses in the area. 

A water taxi operator at Kg Sg Besar, identified only as Sahri, said the villagers have plans to provide a jetty for the huts to act as a drop-off point for water taxi operators.

“But I heard we cannot build stairs. I don’t know why,” said Sahri.

The village head explained that the huts could pose danger to incoming visitors because there are no streetlights installed at the huts.

He said that Kg Sg Besar is close to the Brunei border which can be a potential hotspot for drug smugglers.

Hj Chuchu went on to say that Royal Brunei Navy and Marine Police are patrolling the waters to ensure the safety of the people in the village.

Hj Chuchu urged members of the public to not visit the river huts in the evening because of low visibility.

“People can trip and fall into the water when it is dark,” he added.

An official from Public Works Department (JKR), who preferred anonymity, confirmed that the river huts will be dismantled by the end of this year to make way for the Temburong Bridge project. He did not elaborate.

The Brunei Times