Museums plans for next 50 years

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THE Director of Museums Department Pg Dr Karim also spoke about the department’s future plans and direction as it celebrates its 50th year anniversary this year.

Members of the public can expect more collaborative exhibitions with projects involving embassies and other organisations in the works. The department is currently teaming up with Turkish Embassy in Brunei to bring in new collections of exhibits.

The department will also be host to several events this year which include ‘ASEAN Rice Festival’ and ‘Pameran Tekstil SeBorneo’ tentatively to take place in October.

In order to ensure that museums continues to remain relevant, the department is embracing the social media (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) to tap into the youth and be accessible to the public, said the director adding that the department is also opening up and engaging youths in its activities.

Acting Deputy Director of Museums Department, Hjh Kolam Hj Abd Gapar said they aimed at making museums favourable and alive.

“We are developing our collection and making it alive. To have more research and publication as well as making it accessible to public and students and hopefully we can make the presentation favourable to them,” she said.

The Museums Department is also working on building museums in the three other districts in an effort to popularise and bring attention to roles of museums and archives.

Director of Museum Department, Pg Dr Karim Pg Hj Osman said their effort will first kick off in Belait District.

“We are now in the middle of discussion. If all goes to plan, the former residence of the Belait District Officer will be the venue for the museum. The future museum will highlight and showcase history and cultural heritage of Belait,” he said adding that the project was part of an effort to reach the community and increase the awareness and importance of preserving heritage.

The director added it is the department’s aim for each district to have its own museums that they can proud of. They were also looking into establishing community museums in villages where experts from the department will provide advice on how to properly exhibit their artefacts.

The future museums will also house temporary exhibits from the Brunei Museums in addition to the permanent exhibits, he said.

The Brunei Times