‘Ramadhan also month of reflection’

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THE blessed month of Ramadhan is not just about fasting during the day and performing Tarawih at night but a month of reflection, to strengthen iman (faith) and observe life lessons revealed by Al-Quran, stated some new Muslim converts.

Sharing her Ramadhan experience with The Brunei Times, 26-year-old Nur Hidayatun Nadhirah Orteras Abdullah converted to Islam about a year and three months ago.

“This is actually my first Ramadhan after converting to Islam as I was pregnant last year… It was difficult to adjust at first because I felt weak but at the same time I feel that Ramadhan is such a happy time of the year because it’s when the family gets together,” she said.

Always eager to help out her mother-in-law to prepare for sahur and sungkai, she said, “Ramadhan is about self-control, not only in eating and drinking but also to control anger and gossiping.”

Another new Muslim convert, Farah Nabillah Operia Abdullah who embraced Islam three years ago, echoed the same sentiment.

“During the first Ramadhan of being a Muslim, it was hard for me to fast. I kept on checking the time (for sungkai). Same goes to waking up for sahur. But Alhamdulillah, I managed to accustom to fasting and hoe to perform more religious activities this time around,” she said.

Syifa ‘Aliyah Md Faisal, who has embraced Islam since 2009, said that she has accustomed to fasting in Ramadhan over the years and looked forward to the nightly Tarawih prayers and be involved with volunteering and community work.

“My parents converted to Islam in 2004, which is before I embraced Islam and it was because of their prayers that I am a Muslim today. I remember my first Ramadhan was quite challenging, especially to wake up early for _sahur _and going through the day while fasting. But since there is a strong moral support from family, I persevered,” said the Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) graduate who is currently a private sector employee.

“This Ramadhan, I am visiting my father’s graveyard more often to offer prayers as he passed away on the eve of Ramadhan two years ago.”

She further stated that the month of Ramadhan taught her patience and said her family will be doing sedekah (donation) to the masjid to take the golden opportunity to reap bountiful pahala (rewards) in Ramadhan.

The Brunei Times