Muslims reminded of bountiful benefits of ‘sedekah’ in Ramadhan

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MUSLIMS were reminded of the benefits and importance of giving alms (sedekah) in the blessed month of Ramadhan that would not only benefit those in need but also themselves.

In their Friday sermons yesterday, imams across the country told their congregants that the practice of giving alms would help cultivate a better society.

“The practice of charity can help shape a noble character along with honourable traits for the giver, such as making one more modest, sympathetic and gentle towards those that need assistance,” said the imams.

“Let us cultivate a society that is attentive towards the afflictions of others while also encouraging the enculturation of providing donations through the giving of alms.”

They also urged parents and guardians to be a prime example to those under their care so they may learn how to care for those in need, such as orphans, the elderly, and the poor. “Abandon miserly characteristics and stinginess while helping others that are in need. Be an example and show how modest one should be by always taking into consideration those that need it. By being a good example, it will have a lasting impact towards the development of the soul of our children.

“As a result, a harmonious society will be born, where there will be love, peace and harmony,” said the imams.

While the act of giving alms has been made more convenient, the imams reminded their congregants to take the opportunity of providing alms in the blessed month of Ramadhan.

“Such a pity if we do not reap these opportunities and virtues that is special in this month. As Muslims, it is required of us to increase our religious duties at all times, especially in Ramadhan which is the best month to increase our acts of worship that we tend to do.

“This includes the giving of alms,” noted the imams.

In ending their sermons, the imams urged their congregants to do charitable acts especially to the needy and the poor, mosque funds, to donate blood to those that require it, and “help orphans within our individual capabilities”.

The Brunei Times