Teachers need to be caring to students

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RELIGIOUS teachers are reminded to attend workshop conducted by the Islamic Studies Department (JPI) to improve their psychological skills when dealing with students.

 Pg Moksabah Pg Hj Ahmad, JPI School Inspectorate in Islamic Religious Knowledge (IRK) Subject Division, said that there are a number of religious teachers who do not attend the ‘Workshop on quality teaching and learning’ organised by the department under the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

 “I don’t say all religious teachers…Just a few of them; either it’s new or senior religious teachers, there are some of them who do not attend due to family commitment,” she said.

Pg Moksabah said that the workshop would be held in 10 days for 40 religious teachers with the objective to enhance teacher-student relation in classroom interactions.

During her inspection to a government school, she noted that the workshop would be attended by fewer than 40 teachers.

“It is a concern…But mostly, those teachers who cannot attend usually have acceptable reason such as they have to send their children to the hospital,” she said.

She said the workshop shares some information to teachers on counseling techniques when dealing with ‘rebellious students’ in classrooms.

 “When the teachers do not have the counseling skills, they would shout and get angry at the students instead of approaching the students with love and care,” said Pg Moksabah.

The workshop reminds teachers to adopt psychological approach through motivation and encouragement during classroom interaction, she added.

“Some children who do not want to study often have problems originated from home. Some students who do not do their homework may not have a suitable home environment for them to study.

“Therefore, teachers should try to dig deeper and interact with the students to know their real problems,” Pg Moksabah said.

 “Being angry all the time will not make the students smart. Some students need their teachers to be caring and loving,” she added.

Pg Moksabah also reminded religious teachers not to be complacent with students.

“When the students do not want to do their homework because the teachers are too nice, I would advise the teachers to be strict but caring. You need to strike a balance,” she said.

 Recently, the workshop was held at Pintu Malim Primary School.

 The Brunei Times