No money for fine for illegal cigarettes,man to spend 18 months in jail

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AN INDONESIAN man was ordered to serve 18 months in jail yesterday after he was unable to raise money to pay his fine of $39,600 for possession of untaxed cigarettes.

Defendant Ahmad Wahyudi, 36, was found in possession of over 107 cartons of cigarettes when customs officers conducted an inspection on June 23, at a rented room in Kg Pulaie where the defendant was staying.

During the investigations, Wahyudi stated that he bought the cigarettes from a Malaysian man in Brunei.

He further stated that the cigarettes were meant to be sold and some were for his personal use.

The court document stated that the excise duty to be paid for the cigarettes was $4,950.

During the proceedings yesterday, Wahyudi was ordered to serve 18 months in jail with immediate effect after he indicated to the court that he was unable to pay the fines.

The Brunei Times