Japan to offer week-long industrial study tour

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THE Japan-Brunei Friendship Association (JBFA) is offering five Bruneian students the opportunity to participate in a one-week industrial study tour to Japan in December.

According to the JBFA, the purpose of the study tour is to visit a liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant and to learn how the LNG imported from Brunei is used in Japan.

The tour includes visits to a science museum and a number of technology showrooms in Tokyo.

The participants will also have opportunities to experience Japanese culture first hand by participating in a cultural exchange programme at a Japanese university.

Those who wish to apply must be Bruneian citizens, have an interest in Japanese culture, be able to speak the language (at least beginner’s level – JLPT 5 or equivalent), be in good health and are college or university level students.

Applicants who have not been to Japan will be given priority.

Those interested can log onto http://www.jbfa.or.jp/2015/06/22/02-66/ to download the application form.

Applicants must then submit the application form and a letter of recommendation from their college or university by e-mail to office@jbfa.or.jp.

The application deadline is August 21.

The Brunei Times