Do more volunteer work, public told

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THE Legislative Council (LegCo) representative of Belait District Zone 1 is calling on individuals to come forward and volunteer their time and energy to assist those in need within their respective community.

Yang Berhormat Hj Mohd Shafiee Ahmad said the government cannot make things better alone, and needs support from its people to assist them in helping others.

“I recently read an article about the 4x4 association volunteering to help out victims in Ranau by collecting clothing for them. It is very nice to see Bruneians responding to others,’’ he said.

The LegCo member said he would like to see more volunteers coming forward to help, and not depend on the government alone to sort out all issues.

He said volunteers can approach the Community Development Department (JAPEM) as the focal point of assistance for the public.

“Helping others does not necessarily mean giving them money alone. One can always give their time and energy to assist in whatever way they can,’’ YB Hj Mohd Shafiee said.

For more volunteers to willingly come forward and consistently assist those who need help, he suggested the government to look into giving them some form of monetary compensation as well as medals as a show of appreciation, instead of just certificates.

YB Hj Mohd Shafiee said the grassroot leaders will usually identify poor people who need assistance, and put their applications for help to JAPEM.

“I really appreciate JAPEM for going through these applications and interviewing volunteers who come forward to help others,’’ he said.

In a previous report, Beach Bunch President, Rizan Latif, said volunteering is not something that can be learned in school.

“Volunteering also depends on how passionate a person is. If they are really (keen on volunteering), they can form a small group of as little as two people or as big as a few hundred volunteers,” he said.

The Brunei Times