Cigarette smugglers face hefty fines

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A MALAYSIAN man was imposed a $21,200 fine yesterday after he pleaded guilty to possession of over 50 cartons of untaxed cigarettes.

On June 22, at the vicinity of Customs Control Post, Kuala Lurah, customs officers conducted an inspection on a Mitsubishi Pajero, driven by defendant Yunus Kolong, 59, when they found the 42 cartons of cigarettes inside the engine compartment of the vehicle.

The officers found another 11 cartons of cigarettes concealed inside the front and rear of the passenger’s door.

Yunus later admitted that he obtained the cigarettes from an individual whom he just knew from Limbang, Malaysia.

The defendant was supposed to deliver the cigarettes to his workplace in Brunei if customs officers had not caught him.

The defendant also stated that he would receive 50 cents for each carton he delivered.

During the proceedings yesterday, Yunus was ordered to pay the fines immediately or face 14 months in jail for in-default of payment.

In another customs case heard at the Magistrates’ Court yesterday, defendant Hamdani Yutong, 40, was imposed a $1,440 fine after he pleaded guilty to possession of four cartons of cigarettes.

The cigarettes were found during an inspection on the defendant’s car while at the Kuala Lurah Control Post.

The contrabands were found at the footrest of the rear passenger seat of the vehicle.

Upon investigation, Hamdani admitted that he bought the cigarettes from Limbang for $39. These were supposed to be for his own consumption.

The Brunei Times