Parents, teachers crucial to progress of students

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COOPERATION between educators and parents can help motivate students to improve in their studies and achieve more, said the deputy principal of Rimba Secondary School.

During yesterday’s Muzakarah (discussion) at the school’s parent-teacher meeting, Deputy Principal Rosmawati Mohammad said parents are showing a positive response in being involved in their children’s studies, noting that 90 per cent of the student’s parents from Year seven to 11 managed to turn up for the annual meet.

“This is the only time where parents and teachers of the students can get to discuss their children’s progress at school and find solutions to academic or behavioural problems, and Alhamdulillah all parents have been very cooperative with the school faculties,” said the deputy principal.

Rosmawati said the school has even set up a WhatsApp group chat where parents can voice their concerns and suggestions.

It will also keep the parents and teachers informed on their children’s progress.

She added that the informal talks via WhatsApp between parents and teachers helped to strengthen their relationship.

During the parent-teacher meeting held at the Rimba Seconday School hall, the deputy principal also pointed out that there has been a decrease in absenteeism among the students.

She said that the school only recorded 44 students with an attendance below 85 per cent in the first half of the academic year, adding that Year 8 students had the highest absentees compared to the other years.

Rosmawati added, in the event of a student being absent from school for three days periodically, parents will be contacted and a reminder in writing will be issued.

Also, if the student’s attendance is less than 85 per cent, the student will not be promoted to the next level the following year, she said.

Meanwhile, if students are absent from school three days in a row, the Senior Teacher in charge of Students Affairs will get in touch with parents and send a letter of reminder to them.

Rokiah Donglali, a parent who attended the parent-teacher meeting, said she was pleased with the school’s efforts to keep parents posted with their children’s progress.

“I always try to make time to attend these sort of events, after all it is for my child’s academic future and this is the opportunity to clearly communicate my child’s progress and challenges in school. It’s a good effort by the school,” said the mother of two.

The Brunei Times