18 more students accepted into Tahfiz Institute

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EIGHTEEN students were accepted to pursue their Diploma in ‘Aliyah Qiraat at Institut Tahfiz Al-Quran Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah, Ministry of Religious Affairs (MoRA), after passing stringent tests.

The students (13 males and five females), who made up the programme’s sixth intake, will be part of the 44 students currently studying for the diploma under the institute.

This was revealed by Ustaz Pg Amiruddin Pg Hj Damit, a member of the programme’s secretariat, in an interview at the sideline of the thanksgiving ceremony for the new intake at the institute yesterday.

First offered in 2010, the Aliyah Qira’at diploma was introduced as an effort by the country to produce more individuals who can memorise the Quran and other specialties in the related area.

The programme uses a semester system that runs for three years (six semesters). Students will be guided and trained by a Huffaz, a person who is able to memorise 30 juzuk of the Al-Quran.

The programme also covers other modules such as Al-Quran studies, Qiraat, Islam studies and Arab language as well as a subject on the Malay Muslim Monarchy (MIB), said Pg Amiruddin.

“The number of students every year depends on the number of applications, and out of that, how many of the applicants passed the criteria and entrance interviews,” he said.

The diploma is also open to overseas application. However, Pg Amiruddin said, the applicants did not meet the criteria and some did not turn up for the interview.

“Therefore, we cannot say how many students we will have as the number differs every year. We have many applications, but some did not meet the criteria and did not pass the interviews,” he said.

“Students must possess good command of Arabic language and knowledge as well as hafaz Al-Quran, as these knowledge is not only important for their diploma studies but it will also become a benchmark for them when they pursue their studies in Ma’had Qiraat Syoubra in Egypt,” he added.

Currently, 25 graduates of the programme are studying in Ma’had Qiraat Syoubra for a three-year Degree course in Takhassun Al-Quran Al-Qiraat.

When asked to comment on the employability rate for their graduates, Pg Amiruddin said they could not guarantee employment opportunities as the graduates would have to undergo the same process like many other graduates in seeking employment.

“However, the institute graduates have been employed in the religious education field,” he said.

To be eligible for the programme, applicants must be a Muslim and a citizen or permanent resident of Brunei, must possess a Jayyid (Good) rank in at least four subjects in the Brunei Islamic Studies Certificate (SPUB) examinations or four credits in Brunei Cambridge GCE ‘O’ Level or its equivalent including Malay and Arab languages.

Potential applicants must also pass the entrance interview and must also possess a health declaration from accredited government health centres.

For non-resident applicants who are interested and qualified to enroll into the programme, they could apply by writing in to the Chairman of the Board of the institute.

Successful applicants will be called for interview and sit for a written exam.

The thanksgiving ceremony yesterday began with Sunat Hajat prayer followed by the reading of the Surah Yassin and Ratib Al-Attas.

Prior to the conclusion of the event, MoRA’s Deputy Permanent Secretary, Hj Harun Hj Junid, presented the new students with Mushaf Al-Quran and kitab Qiraat.

The Brunei Times