Man jailed for 5 years for gun, drug offences

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A MAN was sentenced to serve five years in jail and three strokes of the cane yesterday after he pleaded guilty to possession of homemade guns and drug offences.

The 41-year-old Mohammad Shukry was arrested on December 23, 2013 when Narcotics Control Bureau raided the defendant’s house for suspected drug-related activities.

During the raid, Mohammad Shukry handed over utensils used for drug consumption and a plastic packet containing crystalline substances. A further search was conducted on the defendant’s room, which led to the discovery of two homemade guns.

During the investigation into the guns, the Royal Brunei Land Force had analysed the guns and later constituted it as an “arm” and “firearm”.

Mohammad Shukry admitted that he purchased one of the guns from his cousin a year ago and that both guns belonged to him.

The defendant later tested positive with the presence of methamphetamine following a drug test. The packet he surrendered contained 0.2998 grammes of methamphetamine. Mohammad Shukry admitted to consuming the drugs.

During the proceedings yesterday, the court ordered the sentences for possession of firearms, possession of the Class A drug and consumption charges to be served concurrently. For the fine of $1,500 for possession of drug paraphernalia, Mohamad Shukry was ordered to settle it by September 19 or he would be jailed for three months for failure to pay.

The Brunei Times