Easily accessible technology can help women learn, read Quran

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MUSLIM women should not come up with excuses for not learning how to read the Quran, said the Vice President II of the Women’s Council of Brunei Darussalam.

Datin Hjh Masni Hj Mohd Ali said the various facilities and technologies easily available today have provided Muslim women with the help and support they need to learn to read the Quran.

She said this on the sidelines of the opening tadarus by the council and affiliated associations yesterday.

“It would be ideal to get a teacher to help us learn and a group to encourage us to better our readings and understand the beautiful meaning behind the verses,” said Datin Hjh Masni.

However, should they not have much time to spare, they can make use of technology available such as credible mobile phone applications that could help open themselves up to the readings, she said.

“Listening to Quranic verses during the day would also help ingrain the verses into our minds and help us familiarise ourselves with it.

“It enlightens us and lifts our soul and spirit. This would be beneficial to us as Muslim women,” said the Vice President II, adding that their tadarus would help encourage members from the different associations to perfect their readings of the Quran.

The opening of the tadarus ceremony took place at Datin Hjh Masni’s residence.

It marks the month-long tadarus sessions that will be rotated among members of the council and affiliated associations.

The tadarus is an annual event conducted by the Women’s Council to enliven the month of Ramadhan.

It is also held to foster better ties between their members and the associations while taking the opportunity to reap blessings during the holy month.

A total of 13 affiliated associations attended the ceremony.

The Brunei Times