Ramadhan bazaar a big hit among vendors, customers

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STALL vendors and visitors both expressed their satisfaction with this year’s Ramadhan food bazaar at the Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium in Berakas.

The bazaar – organised by the Youth and Sports Department, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports (MCYS) – has attracted a throng of visitors over the first two days of operations.

Awim, one of the stall vendors selling grilled skewers, said the turnout has been overwhelming.

“Like previous years, I observed that there are always more visitors on the first few weeks (of Ramadhan). After that, we get a steady flow of returning customers looking to fix their cravings from their favourite stalls. However, seeing the crowd today, I believe it’s greater than previous years,” he said.

“I guess this is the phase where people are experimenting which food suits their palate,” he continued.

Asked about the facilities provided by the organiser, Awim gave two thumbs-up and shared that the media promotion by the organiser could be one of the factors for the increased turn out so far.

Siti, working at a popular fresh fruit juice stall, commented that their drinks were all sold out even before Sungkai time.

“So far business is doing well. We hope that the same number of visitors will come until the end of Ramadhan,” she said.

The owner of Adellia Best Kebab was also happy with the organisation of the bazaar but suggested better strategic placement of more water tanks for increased convenience.

“The only constructive suggestion, if I may comment, is that if the water tank could be stationed at the corners of the food bazaar so vendors situated in the middle can easily access water supply without affecting (those passing by),” he said.

Meanwhile, a visitor, Benedict Tan said the layout of stalls are more organised compared to previous years.

“I can see that those who are selling grills and barbeques are placed together and a bit further from vendors who are offering prepared cooked food. This definitely made it more comfortable for their neighbours and visitors who might want to avoid the charcoal smoke,” said the lecturer at Micronet College.

Another visitor, Ishmal Hadinas, suggested that the designated garbage area at the stadium to be collected daily and regularly by the relevant authorities as it produces a stench and is an eyesore to visitors.

The Brunei Times