Be prudent while using social media

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THE Authority for Info-communications Technology of Brunei Darussalam (AITI) has urged the public to be responsible while using social media by not spreading false rumours and gruesome pictures.

In a statement released yesterday, AITI reminded the public that actions on social media are applied under the national law. It said that social media users must be responsible and respectful when using social media networks. The public has been urged to weigh and consider their moves before taking any action that may affect other users’ reputation and cause harm.

Action on social media may also reflect the users’ image and affect their future career prospects.

AITI suggested that the public must remember that even though they are hiding behind a computer screen, they must still ensure they treat others with respect.

The statement added that the public must also follow the rules and regulations of the social media and if the people do not obey the rules, they may lose their privileges of using the media platform. The public is also encouraged to report inappropriate online behaviour to the AITI by contacting

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