236 Ramadhan stalls open in Kuala Belait, Seria

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A TOTAL of 236 Ramadhan stalls have been set up across Kuala Belait and Seria this year, offering a wide range of food items to the Belait community during the breaking of fast.

Out of the total, 201 stalls are housed in the markets of Tudung Saji and Jln Setia Diraja in Kuala Belait, while 35 are running businesses in the compound of Seria’s wet market. All the 236 stalls have been licensed by the Kuala Belait and Seria Municipal Board to operate between 2pm to 6pm.

This year’s Ramadhan stalls see an increasing involvement of youth, who have linked up with friends and family members in operating the stalls.

Drawing a large crowd yesterday at the Tudung Saji market was Abdul Faiz Arifin Hj Awg Mohd’s stall selling homemade burgers. He claimed to be reaping between $500 to $600 gross sales a day. “Together with 13 friends, we cook and pack the burgers. This is our fourth year of participation,” he said. He said that six or seven of them would take turns manning the stalls a day. “Our recipe is simple but tasty and was developed by one of us who used to work in a restaurant.”

Another young vendor Hamdani Bujang teamed up with six of his friends to operate a stall selling roti kosong or murtabak.

“Typically, this popular dish is made by Indians, but we have studied the technique and ingredients, and we hope to offer customers our own Malay take on it,” he said.

The Penghulu of Mukim Kuala Belait Hj Pungut Hj Ali, who was also among those visiting the market yesterday, welcomed the tradition of the popular annual market, and supported the increasing number of young vendors’ participation.

“It is very encouraging to see more and more youth seizing this opportunity to learn business first-hand, especially during the holy month of Ramadhan,” he said.

He also advised the public not to be wasteful with their purchases. It’s quite common that families buy too much, and then discard the food later, he lamented.

The Kuala Belait and Seria Municipal Board also reminded vendors to take care of their rubbish, and maintain the cleanliness of the markets to prevent the spread of any illness.

The Brunei Times