Hoteliers comply with daytime dining ban, open restos from sungkai onwards

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SEVERAL hotels in the capital said their restaurants will not be open for dine-in until sungkai for all guests during this Ramadhan.

In-house guests, however, will be allowed to order room service throughout the day.

Non-Muslim residents in Brunei are allowed to take away food at restaurants during fasting hours.

Allan Diaz, Assistant Food and Beverage (F&B) Manager at Brunei Hotel said they have set up a private room for their in-house guests to dine during breakfast time only.

“Throughout the day after breakfast, if guests would like to eat, then they can order and we will send the food up to their rooms,” he said.

“The only challenge we have is when people from outside come in and ask us if our restaurants are open and if they are allowed to eat in.

“We just have to tell them we cannot allow it as we need to obey the law,” he said.

Another local hotel in Bandar, whose F&B manager asked not to be named, said they will only allow room service for their in-house guests during this month.

“We advise our guests on the ruling during their check-in so they are aware. We do not have a dedicated room for them to eat in during this fasting month,” he said.

He added they do not intend to break the rules and will only open all their restaurants for dine-in during sungkai.

“If other people want to come and eat, they can take away. All other overseas guests can still order food but they will be served in their respective rooms,” he said.

A hotel located in the heart of the capital said they have no qualms about serving their guests in their rooms during the day.

“We inform our guests about this when they check in and so far there hasn’t been any complaints,” he said.

The F&B manager, who asked not to be named as well, said their in-house guests can order anything they want from the a la carte menu during the day.

During sungkai, they can go to any of the hotel’s restaurants and dine in.

On June 15, the Ministry of Religious Affairs issued a statement saying all restaurants in Brunei are still not allowed to serve food to daytime diners during Ramadhan.

Eateries that breach the regulation would be prosecuted under Chapter 195 of the Syariah Penal Code Order, for disrespecting the month of Ramadhan.

The law was enforced on May 1, 2014.

The ministry said non-Muslims can still have their food and drinks at their homes.

Customers are also allowed to have takeaways from eateries.

The Brunei Times