Drug offender sentenced to 200 hours community service

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A MAN was ordered to undergo 200 hours of community service after his drug test result came up negative.

In March, Haziman Hj Wahab pleaded guilty to possession of 0.5118 grams of methamphetamine and consuming drugs on September 30, 2010.

He also pleaded guilty to two other counts of possessing 0.7154 grams of methamphetamine and consuming drugs some time in November 5, 2012.

In his mitigation, Haziman told the court that he felt remorse and promised to be better in the future.

Asked why he committed the offence four years after his first conviction, Haziman said that he has been facing marital problems.

“I did not have a job at that time, so I was involved in drugs,” he said.

Haziman further told the court that he committed the offence again in 2012 because he was still having personal problems with his wife.

Haziman, who now works as a fisherman, told the court that he is no longer with his wife and had stopped consuming drugs since 2012.

Haziman, who has a previous conviction for consuming drugs in 2006 was facing a minimum of three years in jail for being a subsequent drug offender and up to $20,000 in fines or up to 10 years in jail for the possession of drugs as a first offender.

However, in light of the defendant’s negative drug result and Department of Community Development (JAPEM) willingness to give him a second chance, presiding Magistrate Ak Shahyzul Khairuddien Pg Abd Rahman granted the Probation Order and Community Service and ordered Haziman to undergo 200 hours of community service over a period of 12 months.

Haziman was also further ordered to do a monthly drug test and follow the programme organised by JAPEM.

The Brunei Times