Brunei marine conservationists make voices heard at M’sia event

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A BRUNEIAN recently attended the Malaysia International Dive Expo (MIDE) at Putra World Trade Centre, Malaysia, to spread awareness on the importance of wildlife, ocean and environmental conservation.

Members of the international non-profit organisation Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Nadzirah Hj Abdul Malek and her husband Sean Webb, represented Sea Shepherd Asia and Sea Shepherd Malaysia at the three-day expo held from June 12 to 14.

Nadzirah said they listed themselves as Bruneian Marine Wildlife Conservationists at the event.

“This is the second time we joined the expo. Last year we joined with Seamonkey Dive Centre, a local Malaysia dive centre in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia,” she said.

“The main aim of joining the expo was to meet and make connections with different types of organisations... to understand how they do things in their own country and what we can do (in ours).

“At the same time we wanted to get support and spread awareness on the importance of wildlife, ocean and environmental conservation,” she said.

Nadzirah said that Sea Shepherd Asia extended a helping hand to the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources (MIPR) to tackle shark poaching issues in February. “We are currently collaborating with (other regional branches) of Sea Shepherd to create awareness on this while stressing why ocean conservation is important.

“My goal is to do the same thing for members of the public in Brunei ... because the MIPR Minister urged Bruneians to be more proactive in environmental conservation,” she added.

Nadzirah said the expo allowed them to raise campaign funds for the cause of saving and defending ocean wildlife globally while spreading awareness on the mission of Sea Shepherd.

“The expo also helped expose the issues in Brunei where not a lot of people are aware of the importance of sustainable fishing or educating the public as to what should and should not be captured.

Nadzirah said collaboration and support from non-government organisations (NGOs) and the Government can help tackle such issues in Brunei.

“Wildlife, ocean and environmental conservation play a very important role in maintaining the well being and future of not just the country but also the planet,” she said.

According to Nadzirah, at least 1,000 dive centres from Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Brunei participated in the expo. The Malaysia International Dive Expo was also held in conjunction with its 10th anniversary.

According to its website, MIDE is the premier show to build a high-end exhibition platform to expand the dive market. “The show is also the meeting place for dive business where decision makers meet for trade networking with industry players,” the website said.

The Brunei Times