Documentary on 2nd World War in the works

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UNIVERSITI Brunei Darussalam’s (UBD) oral history research project is producing a documentary on Bruneians who survived the Second World War.

Dr Maslin Hj Jukim, the head of UBD’s oral history research project, told The Brunei Times that the documentary was a result of public demand.

He said this on Tuesday at the ‘Stories through Memories: 70 Years of Friendship’ exhibition currently held at the Art Gallery, Royal Wharf in the capital.

According to Dr Maslin, members of the public who visited the exhibition have requested the UBD team to create a documentary on the locals.

“Many people have asked us to create a full documentary and we want to do it. We want to make it into a reality,” he said, adding that they hope to finish the documentary by 2016.

Dr Maslin explained that the project is still ongoing and that UBD is currently searching for more locals to be interviewed.

He said that the project is self-funded, with assistance from UBD. He however invited those interested in providing sponsorship for the project to step forward.

He went on to say that the project hopes to bring the audience closer to the Sultanate’s history.

“This documentary will provide information to the local public and the Australians on the events of the Second World War,” said Dr Maslin, adding that the documentary can also assist students studying Brunei’s history.

“These stories are not in the history books because these are the actual experiences of those who lived through the war. This is a great step in further educating our youth on our history because these are stories of Bruneians,” he said.

Abu Hurairah Hj Mohamad, the videographer of the project, said he plans to apply reenactment scenes within the documentary.

“These reenactments will help viewers visualise and understand the locals’ stories,” he said.

Siti Nor Amal Aqilah Hj Makhbar, the translator of the project, expressed hopes that the documentary will help strengthen and broaden the public’s understanding of Brunei’ s history.

The Brunei Times