Bureau Veritas plants 150 trees to mark World Environment Day

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BUREAU Veritas planted 150 trees in conjunction with the World Environment Day 2015, as part of their efforts to ensure sustainability of the ecosystem, said a press statement from Bureau Veritas yesterday.

In conjunction with World Environment Day 2015, Bureau Veritas joined forces with the Forestry Department, Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources and revisited the 700 Gaharu seedlings at Compartment 37, Bukit Ladan Forest Reserve in Tutong that they planted in 2011.

The chairman of the event, Mohammad Farid Salleh in the statement said, “To ensure the sustainability of our resources, we want to see the status of our efforts from four years ago and help by planting new trees to replace the ones that did not survive.”

Acting Deputy Director of Forestry Department, Noralinda Hj Ibrahim was also present at the planting.

Bureau Veritas Brunei Operations Manager, Amir Mahalingam said, “We share Forestry Department’s vision of sustaining the biodiversity of our forests.

“Bureau Veritas Brunei are committed to cooperate with Forestry Department again in the future to support that vision.”

Planting trees prevent the negative impact of global climate change, improving the environment and enriching the quality of the people’s lives and health.

The programme was aimed at raising awareness on continuing the sustainability of the ecosystem for the future generation and strengthening the ties between the Forestry Department and Bureau Veritas, said in the statement.

The international observance, celebrated annually on June 5 is themed ‘Seven Billion Dreams, One Planet, Consume with Care’, the relese added.

Bureau Veritas is a global company that specialises in testing, inspection and certification services.

The Brunei Times