Make time for reading Al-Quran

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RELIGIOUS teachers focused on the education of their students must also remember to pay attention to the education of their own children, said the assistant Ra’es of KUPU SB.

Dr Abang Hadzmin Abang Hj Taha of Seri Begawan Religious Teachers University College (KUPU SB) made the remark yesterday during an Islamic event dubbed ‘Marhaban Ya Ramadhan’ hosted by the college. The event was aimed at reminding the teachers to also observe their children’s Islamic education particularly Al-Quran reading amidst their busy schedules. He said that the religious teachers need to be aware of their role as parents as well as teachers.

“Teachers are often busy dealing with the dynamics of formal curriculum to a point where they fail to perform their essential role as parents and teachers to their own children at home,” said Dr Abang Hadzmin.

“Some parents have very hectic work schedules that they have very little time to consult or oversee their own childrens’ Islamic education,” he said. “Religious teachers are also affected. Even though they are skilled and equipped to teach the Al-Quran to their children themselves, they still end up with sending their children to mosque for lessons,” he added.

There are three main causes why this happens among parents who are religious teachers. “Poor time management, inadequately skilled to teach the reading of Al-Quran and children’s lack of interest in reading the Al-Quran.”

He advised the teachers to spend at least five minutes per day with their children for Al-Quran reading as this would slowly increase the skill and interest for reading among the children.

“If they do this every day, they learn Al-Quran for 35 minutes per week, which is enough for children and parents to improve their ‘Tajweed’ (pronunciation) and fluency,” said the assistant Ra’es. “The study of Al-Quran takes a lot of efforts and determination. If people want to study Al-Quran, they will make time for it,” he added.

The Brunei Times