Baiduri Capital opens stock trading portal

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BRUNEIANS can trade equities, or stocks, through an online platform provided by new local investment firm Baiduri Capital Sdn Bhd.

The firm, a wholly owned subsidiary of Baiduri Bank Bhd, began operations yesterday and is offering its clients the opportunity to access and invest in three major stock exchanges in the region.

The three bourses are Singapore (SGX), Hong Kong (HKEx) and Bursa Malaysia.

An online trading portal has been developed, enabling customers to access their investment portfolio and research reports, obtain quotes, place trading orders, check trading history and review account status.

Baiduri Capital said the portal is a “secure, web-based securities trading platform which is the first in Brunei”.

The platform can be accessed through internet browsers on any laptop, tablet or phone.

“The investor-focused design is feature rich, allowing customers to research prices, as well as look up market information to assist decision making when trading online,” Baiduri Capital said.

Peng Eng Soon, Baiduri Capital general manager, said there had been demand coming from retail investors to personally trade stocks online. So far, 10 individuals have submitted their applications to open online trading accounts pending approval.

Clients will be required to open a savings or current account with Baiduri Bank or Baiduri Finance for easy funding of their trades.

Investors may start trading with as low as $1,000 in their account.

Opening a trading account can be done online via the website and upon receipt of the application form, licensed dealers from Baiduri Capital will contact investors to process the account opening.

Customers are required to carry out a ‘risk profile assessment’ to ensure that their risk profile is suitable for securities trading.

Clients may also carry out trades and access their account by dealing with the firm’s licensed dealers via telephone.

Trading booths have also been set up at the Baiduri Capital in Kiarong and are equipped with tablets for customers to trade.

Well-versed Baiduri Capital staff, including an in-house financial planner, and qualified and registered dealers will be available to provide investment guidance and assist with trades if required.

In addition, there is a suite of tools available such as the viewing gallery at the facility to track price movements in SGX and Bursa Malaysia.

However, Baiduri Capital dealers and the company, does not provide trade strategies and will not be directly involved in traders’ decision-making.

“What it means is that we give general information on what investment products are available in each market, share fundamental data and analysis, and be there to answer their questions on market performance in general,” said Yeo Kun Yu, Assistant Manager, Trading and Investment Services at Baiduri Capital.

Baiduri Capital will introduce new products, services and markets to provide customers more and more opportunities to expand their portfolio.

The firm, the first in Brunei to offer online securities trading, is also looking to add the US stock market in its list of exchanges by September, said Peng.

He said there has been “a lot of interest” from retail clients to trade in the US stock exchanges as the US market is more volatile, offering more growth opportunities compared to stable markets.

“Once customers are familiar with these kinds of investment products such as securities or equities, then of course we will expand Baiduri Capital because ultimately we won’t just be trading equities,” he told The Brunei Times.

He added existing investment products and services such as unit trusts will be transferred and offered through Baiduri Capital.

“Moving forward, we will be looking to offer them more investment products and to give them more options in terms of investments,” he said.

Trading is open from 9am to 5pm for the SGX, while for HKEx, trading opens from 9am to 12 pm and resumes at 1pm to 4pm. For Bursa Malaysia, trading hours is 9am to 12.30pm and 2.30pm to 4.45pm. Baiduri Capital operates from 9am to 5pm daily.

The Brunei Times